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Deaf to God

Dr. Hugo Marietan, psychiatrist, a specialist in psychopathy, March 27, 2010
Traducido por: Patricia Mónica Mendes Sequeira, 8 de abril de 2010


A pervert disguised as a priest, who served church  all his life, molested as many as 200 deaf children from 1950 to 1974. This self-confessed pederast was reported by three bishops on several occasions, but men in charge of the ecclesiastic «discipline» preferred protecting  the good name of the institution rather than saving other children from being abused by the evil psychopath who was on the loose. Instead of being punished, he was sent to another place to keep on working freely with children.

Those responsible for the welfare of the priests, those in charge of church «justice» have different values to those of ordinary people. Many of them are Catholics, and several of them were the parents of those children who had been abused by the pervert, who took advantage of the “confesion time” to “enjoy himself”.

The protesting voices were not heard, the allegations made from their own religious colleagues were not heard, the lifelong suffering of deaf children rebounded on the wall of silence. Church officials who were in charge of justice  failed to listen to reports, deaf to their own doctrine, deaf to God.

And they let him go, until the pervert, old man,  sheltered by the dark cassock of the institution, died.

Not even under such circumstances  were actions taken to investigate the life of such a  psychopath. An injustice was committed, a stain covered the age-old institution, which together with the other stains, question the credibility of the Institution.

Will those 200 deaf children, now adults, finally be heard by the ankylosed ear of those ones who do not want to hear?
Will the action of a psychopath and the complicity of the church’s own justice system prevail over the consequences of those 200 abused children and continue with the unfair code of silence?
Will the civil justice in the future, given the ineptitude of the ecclesiastical courts, tear the cossacks under which perverts are hidden and bring them to ordinary courts with the mere aim of giving them full trials as pedophiles?

It would be wise of The Church to purge of those members who distort the doctrine and tarnish the bliss of religious principles. Consider that it is not a priest who is being condemned but a pervert psychopath who is disguised as a priest to suck from the youngest parishioners, who purely give themselves into the hands of a minister of their faith, his wickest and  darkest special needs. The Church, and any other institution, must snatch the proximity of these perverted hands from children’s bodies, from the little people who begin to acquire values and delude themselves to believe that this adult, under whose care their parents left them, will give them the spiritual caress which will help them be sheltered from the hostility of the world. They can not even imagine falling into hands which are eager to find in their genitals the calm that nourishes his perverted instincts. They, the abused, will never overcome this experience and the stain will go with them for life, frustrating their intimate relationships with other people. Psychopaths, the perverts in this case, will remain being what they are: insensitive, unchangeable people, wherever they are, and whaetever punisment they may have..


And I must emphasize, again and again that we are not equal, we must learn to recognize differences and to distinguish psychopaths. By inertia we tend to say: «a priest molested a child …», «a teacher raped a student …» «a doctor discovered as a pedophile …», «a police officer …» living rise to the false idea that the profession or institution creates these perverts, and what makes it even worse is the fact  that when the profession or institution are mentioned, a feeling of dishonour appears and thereby all people who practice these professions are regarded with  suspicion («If the gym teacher can be a pedophile,» «If the celibacy can lead a priest  to become a pervert «, etc..) and it is not like this. Obviously not. Thousands of teachers are in charge of children, thousands of priests educate children, thousands of pediatricians assist children, but the vast majority of them are professionals who are very far from perversion. Only a minority (3%), hidden behind a degree, a cassock, or an overall, benefit from their profession, using it as a hunting ground to satisfy their perversion. It is not therefore a doctor, a priest or a teacher, it is a pervert, a  psychopath in disguise.


The media should assume the responsability of an education focused on this difference, they should avoid the headlines that put the degree or occupation before the word pedophile («A pedophile priest») and they should head properly, «a pedophile serving as a priest….» That would help really inform people that these perverts exist, that they  wander around where children are, that people should stay alert and take into account that neither the degree nor the profession generates these psychopaths.

We are not equal. To distinguish  is not to discriminate, it is to know, as Anaxagoras stated six hundred years before Christ.






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Hugo Marietan

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Hugo Marietan

Nacido en Buenos Aires, en 1951

Médico, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Bueno Aires, 1981, MN 62757

Médico Psiquiatra, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1986

Formación Docente: Egresado del Curso de Formación Docente Pedagógica en Ciencias de la Salud y Carrera Docente de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Buenos Aires

Docente Adscripto a la Carrera Docente Facultad de Medicina. de la Universidad de Buenos Aires desde junio de 1991 a la fecha.

Académico Titular de la Academia Internacional de Psicología de Brasil (2002)

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